Subjective Matters

Aesthetic Chameleons, Artistic Expressions,
Experimental Chic

Having a perspective, a point of view, is what tailor life uniqueness in each and every person. Consumers in this segment look for novelty and disruptions. They appreciate the uniqueness and diverse point of views. They are able to connect to product through aesthetic expression, and emotional values. For the application of the trend, occasion and use are central to the development of product and design. A flexible closet which offers styling freedom and personal oomph is required. Equipped with a mix of blank canvas items to be painted on with key pieces, give the possibilities to dress up and down. The brand could ensure the experience of the interchangeable closet by offering all-stars collection, that finds coherence in the sense of character relevant to the brand. The old palette suggests a combination of natural livid color with very bright saturated accents. The discreet muted colors are easy on the eyes and give the collection visual breaks. Vivid tones take the spotlight.