Homo Genus

In the fast pacing world where there is no time for self-reflection. As modern technologies become more excessive and intrusive, what used to redefine our future and lifestyles, now has become what is used to define us. While many are bewitched by the changed lifestyles and relationship between mankind and technology, some seek rehabilitation to regain independence and control. In particular group, there is an increasing interest in moderating the usage of modern technology especially social networking platforms, where misinformation and distortion of reality lead to a collective condition tiredness and boredom. As ‘Mindfulness’ became more eminent, the societal shifts of some young adults prioritize self-reflection and self-awareness, as coping mechanism for over a decade long of over-indulgence.

This new wave of minimalism is about careful selection and organization of the desired, instead renouncement of all excessiveness. Reprioritizing the relationships between our needs and the rest, life could be simplified through all aspects. Living space become a sanctuary where the individual could integrate with the environment, and the objects serve the purpose of completing life, rather than being interferences. The sense of belonging and awareness contribute greatly to the comfortable and harmonious lifestyle.

Shapes Structured clean shapes are present along with other elements of pure and authenticity. The shapes are bold but not loud. Basics can be in much more genderless shapes and structures. The shapes are also much more elegant and easy to wear, as the shapes are all set through the cutting, there’s no manipulation of volume or silhouette required whatsoever.

  • Pure
  • Authentic
  • Well-cut

Materials The variety of material is limited, as the boldness is mostly distributed expressed through the shapes, the selection of fabric became somewhat out of understanding for textiles and their behaviors, to reach desired shapes with clean results.

  • Functional Fluid
  • Rich Textures

Details The details are cut down to the essentials for functional purpose, and not with decorative intentions or for contrasting results.

  • Essential
  • Functional

Colors For monotonous and non-stimulating effects, the palette consisted of tints of cool and neutral greys with smooth transitional skin tones.