Culture Club

Romantic + Craft + Bohemian

Culture Club offers a layered approach in terms of design details and cultural references. Craft is fused with pattern cutting and cross-cultural details are key. Romantic and bohemian styles are elevated with a focus on refined fabrics, raw-edge layering, intricate embellishment, hand embroidery, hand painted and surface texture. Textured fabrics and eclectic embellishments are particularly important. The color scheme is an upbeat palette, highly pigmented, indigo blue anchor the palette. Hand-crafted woven fabrics feature delightfully naive constructions, mix blends of silk, cotton, linen and hemp with extravagantly handspun boucle yarns. The plunged maxi-dress has a lean, elegant silhouette and works as a great spring piece with the addition of short sleeves. A boxy cropped top creating a rounded silhouette. Japanese influences are key for occasion wear and beach-to-bar looks, creating a style that feels both glamorous and exotic.